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What's New at Allied Beverage Group?

Wine & Sparkling


#7266440 - Prosecco Rose

#7266340 - Zero Sugar Rose

750 ml bottles

The Sparkling Rosé is made from 100% organic Pinot Grigio grapes, this is an elegant, bright rosé, with hints of strawberry and grapefruit, and a soft, persistent foam. The Zero Sugar Sparkling Rosé has no residual sugar. The elegant pink color of this Bellissima Rosé is transferred from the grapes to the must through a light maceration on the skins of the grapes. We eliminate all of the sugar from the wine by performing a unique fermentation process, established through years of research, tastings, and samplings.

Bruno Giacosa


Barbaresco Rabaja 2017

750 ml bottle 

Rabajà represents one of the most important single vineyards of Barbaresco. Bruno Giacosa's vineyards are comprised of 0.6 hectares, planted in calcareous clay soils. Red garnet color with orange highlights. A complex nose of spice, violets  and fresh red fruit aromas leads to a palate that is full bodied, structured and  refined with a persistent finish marked by minerality and fine tannins.

Beaulieu Vineyard


Reserve Cabernet 2018

750 ml bottle

Rutherford is the heart of Napa Valley and home to Beaulieu Vineyard. For more than 20 years, our winemakers have crafted our Cabernet Sauvignon, which defines the unique expression of our Rutherford vineyards with rich dark berry and cocoa, accented by well-integrated oak spices for a long finish.

Coppola Director's Cut


Alexander Cabernet 2018

750 ml bottle

This vintage’s Cabernet Sauvignon is quite opulent with deep, dark flavors of fruit framed by firm tannins and rich oak character. Full-bodied and beautifully textured, this wine’s flavor complexity is heightened by the addition of Malbec and Cabernet Franc. Enjoy a luscious palate of blackberries, cherries, and cassis along with fragrant earthy minerals and notes of anise and cocoa. As the flavors build and flow, a toasted caramel impression at the end creates an alluring finish. Best with a few years of aging, but you can enjoy this wine now with 1 to 2 hours of decanting.



Sul Vulcano Etna Bianco 2019

750 ml bottle 

Sul Vulcano Bianco 2019, straw yellow color with golden reflections, at the nose has a refined bouquet of fruit (golden apple) with delicate hints of citrus and Mediterranean herbs (broom), followed by mineral notes of flint. On the palate it is enveloping, fresh and savory, characterized by a marked minerality and persistence; a wine that displays great finesse and complexity.



L’Ermitage Ex-Voto Blanc

750 ml bottle 

L’Ermitage Ex-Voto white is produced only in exceptional vintages. It is remarkably aromatic and complex. The nose is bursting with acacia flowers, honey and toasted notes.



Dolomiti Pinot Grigio 2019

750 ml bottle

100% Pinot Grigio. Lagaria Pinot Grigio Vigneti delle Dolomiti “Ramato” IGT  is pale rosé in the color, fruity and floral on the nose, with hints of pear and acacia blossoms. Dry and delicate on the palate, well balanced, with a pleasant fresh note.



Lighter Sauvignon Blanc

750 ml bottle

If you’re after Sauvignon Blanc with all the incredible crisp, tropical Marlborough flavours and less of the calories, you’ve come to the right place. We've made this Sauvy so you can enjoy it with 25% less alcohol and calories - now that's a winning combination!


#9675540 - Shiraz "Angela" McLaren Vale 2018

#9675440 - Shiraz "Savitar" McLaren Vale 2017

750 ml bottles

The Mitolo Italian heritage runs strongly through the range using the Italian varieties and techniques. Business meetings are still held over Sunday lunch with traditional Italian food and of course Mitolo wine shared with friends, old and new. And at the heart of it all, in the wine style, in the people, is the motto that the Mitolos brought from Abruzzo - forte a gentile: strong and gentle.



Bianco 2015

750 ml bottle 

The desire to nurture the Estate’s exceptional qualities has shaped Ornellaia’s philosophy since the beginning. Ornellaia Bianco is a blend with a majority of Sauvignon Blanc coming from three small vineyards that have demonstrated their remarkable capacity to express the unique character of Ornellaia.

San Polo


Brunello di Montalcino Riserva

750 ml bottle

Brunello di Montalcino Riserva represents the highest possible achievement in terms of quality and excellence, which Allegrini pursues with absolute respect for the environment. Lengthy ageing and judicious use of wood lend further elegance to this wine, which is loved and sought-after by the greatest wine connoisseurs in the world.


The Balvenie


Tun 1509 Batch #7

750 ml bottle 

The Balvenie Tun 1509 Batch #7 is a single malt scotch whisky, made using whisky from 21 hand-picked casks, including ten sherry butts, seven sherry hogsheads and four American oak barrels. Following its marrying period, this deep edition of the distillery’s popular series was bottled up at 52.4% ABV.



Creme de Banane

750 ml bottle 

Combining the best products and our know-how allows us to offer liqueurs of the highest quality. Made using banana juice our Banana Liqueur brings out all the aromatic powers of this fruit from the Caribbean.

Danos Tequila

#3741340 - Anejo

#3741140 - Blanco

#3741040 - Pineapple & Jalapeno Infused

#3741240 - Reposado

750 ml bottles

Dano's Ultra-Premium, award-winning Tequila is hand-crafted using 100% Agave in small batches at a family-owned distillery dating back to 1840.  The traditional production methods, including our 180 year old hornos and copper distillation, creates a Tequila that some say is so smooth, it's dangerous. 


#2325041- Peachtree Schnapps

#2331041- Tripple Sec

750 ml bottles

At DeKuyper, we’re the #1 selling range cordial brand in the U.S., and we pride ourselves in making the highest quality spirits for over 300 years. By mixing or redistilling distilled spirits with or over fruits, plants, pure juices or other natural flavoring materials—we concoct some of the world’s greatest flavors using all-natural ingredients for one of the world’s oldest spirits



Glenlivet 12YR/14YR/15YR

750 ml bottles 12 pack

To this day we continue George Smith's vision to break traditions, set new standards and move things forward; selecting exceptional unique casks, finishes and liquids and delivering unique serves and cocktails to open up the world of single malt to all.

Evan Williams


1783 Bourbon

750 ml bottle 

Evan Williams 1783 Small Batch honors the year that Evan Williams founded Kentucky’s First Distillery. This small batch Bourbon is pulled from less than 200 barrels. It’s extra-aged and uses the same sour mash process and traditional recipe made popular by our namesake.

George Remus

#1200340 - Bourbon

#1200440 - Repeal Reserve Select

750 ml bottles

From Apothecary to Kingpin, George Remus created one of the most intricate, successful bootlegging operations of Prohibition. His legend continues today with the family of George Remus Bourbons.

Green Hat Gin


#1700140 - Navy Strength

#1700240 - Original

#1700440 - Summer Cup

750 ml bottles 

Crafted in Washington, D.C.’s first distillery since Prohibition, distilled with a unique blend of botanicals in copper pot stills, Green Hat Gin is inspired by the infamous Man in the Green Hat. The mysterious bootleggers supplied wet and dry congressmen, alike, throughout Prohibition, offering a story as unique as the gin, itself.

Miami Cocktails

#2082041 - Small Batch Copper Pot Margarita

#2082241 - Small Batch Orange Mimosa

#2082341 - Small Batch Sunset Sangria

750 ml bottles 

100 CALORIES · LOWER SUGAR · ORGANIC CERTIFIED. Try our deliciously-clean craft cocktails. We select the highest-quality, organic ingredients for a taste that’s purely refreshing. REAL INGREDIENTS. REAL COCKTAILS.

Los Siete Misterios

#4310240 - Mezcal Barrill

#4310940 - Mezcal Coyote

#4310440 - Mezcal Doba-Yej

#4310640 - Mezcal Espadin

#4310840 - Mezcal Mexicano

#4310340 - Mezcal Pechuga

#4310740 - Mezcal Tobala

750 ml bottles 

The Family of Mezcal Los Siete Misterios is born in 2010 after a trip the founders did, where passion, traditions and culture of the mexican roots inspired this distilled spirit that seeks to relive the past and integrate it with the present time. Los Siete Misterios we are a family by Us, the Maestros Mezcaleros and the Oaxacan communities that we work with in order to bring the best that we have; love and dedication synthetized in Mezcal.



Reposado Rose

750 ml bottle 

We rest our impeccable Blanco Tequila in the finest French oak red wine barrels for two months to create a Reposado unlike any other. This Reposado Rosa has a color reminiscent of great French Rosé, with rich flavors and a creamy mouthfeel imparted by its time spent in these special barrels.Big, round and plush on the palate, the fresh agave flavors are met with vanilla, butterscotch, and a dry dark chocolate note. Blackberries, plums, and dark cherries leap out of the glass. The finish is long, rich, and very smooth, leaving the impression of chocolate covered strawberries behind it.

Rossville Union

#1514540Rye Barrel Proof

#1514440- Rye Master Crafted Rye

750 ml bottles 

It began in 1847 with a bold, satisfying taste that would make Indiana the rye capital of the world. For nearly 200 years, Lawrenceburg's master distillers and blenders have been perfecting the original handcrafted rye blends in one of America's last Prohibition-era distilleries. Rossville Union is a return to the golden age of rye with an authentic taste that could only come from Whiskey City.

Sip Smith

#1125440 - Strawberry Smash Gin

#1125540 - Zesty Orange Gin

750 ml bottles

Our tale begins with two childhood friends, Sam Galsworthy and Fairfax Hall, with a life-long affection for things well made…and Martinis. Before long, they had been introduced to renowned drinks aficionado Jared Brown at a Negroni party (of all places) and before the evening was out he was ready to join them on their mission to create the world’s best London Dry Gin.

Spytail Rum


Cognac Cask

750 ml bottle

OUR cognac barrel rum is aged in cognac casks and our Ginger Rum is infused with fresh ginger and spices. We source aged rums from the Caribbean (Trinidad and Guyana) and blend them in our cellars. We produce two exceptional rums. Spytail Cognac Cask which is a Caribbean rum aged and finished in Cognac casks, and Spytail Ginger - a dark rum that is aged in Cognac casks, blended and infused with ginger and other spices to produce a delicious twist on traditional spiced rums. Our fresh ginger is sourced from the far east.

The Gladstone

#2220340- Axe American Oak

#2220240- Small Batch Orange Mimosa

750 ml bottles 

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky. The whiskies have been carefully selected from the Highlands and Islay to create two easy-drinking smooth blends made up of 14 single malts. 

Writers Tears

#2744640 Marsala Cask Finish

750 ml bottle

A rather tasty limited edition release from Writers Tears, which blends single pot still and single malt Irish whiskeys initially aged in American oak bourbon casks. Following that, the whiskey is allowed a 12 month finish in Marsala hogsheads from the Florio winery in Sicily! Bottled at 45% ABV without chillfiltering, it's bursting with all those lovely sweet caramel notes from the cask finish.