The Future is Female!

 Celebrate Women's History Month with some of these female winemakers, distillers and owned brands! Here are also some of our March featured brands of the month. 

Female Brands

Black Girl Magic

#1301340 - Riesling -  750 ml bottle

#1301240 - Rose - 750 ml bottle

#1301140 - Red Blend- 750 ml bottle

Black Girl Magic is more than a phrase. It’s a feeling. A look. A mood. A taste. The Black Girl Magic collection is Robin and Andréa’s personal ode to their culture and story, inspired by the magic and resilience of Black women, to be enjoyed by all. The grapes grown for the Black Girl Magic range of wines come from prestigious vineyards located in the Paso Robles, Edna Valley and Monterey AVA’s of the Central Coast of California and Hawkes’ Bay Region of New Zealand.

21 Seeds

#3809040 - Cucumber Jalapeno - 750 ml bottle

#3809140 - Grapefruit Hibiscus - 750 ml bottle

#3809240 - Valencia Orange - 750 ml bottle

21 Seeds women-owned tequila brand boasts a lineup of three handcrafted options with proprietary agave blends and naturally infused flavors: cucumber jalapeño, grapefruit hibiscus, and valencia orange.  Their goal for 21 SEEDS is more than just a delicious tequila: they want it to inspire you to gather your tribe of friends new and old, cross borders, share ideas and make connections. It’s the seed of something bigger.

w*nder CBD

#1897270 - Born To Run Lemon Rosemary -  355 ml can

#1897170 - Breakfast Club Blood Orange - 355 ml can

#1897370 - Fast Times Cucumber - 355 ml can

#1897470 - Night Moves Blackberry Blueberry - 355 ml can

A great-working product should taste good, too. That’s why our chefs use delicious ingredients that add both flavor and function. Helping you relax, keeping you moving, or making you feel more balanced, we want to help you say goodbye to pain, stress, and bad moods and say hello to brighter days ahead

Decoy Wine Seltzers

#2072470 - Sauvignon Blanc Lime - 250 ml can

#2072471 - Rose Black Cherry - 250 ml can

#2072472 - Chardonnay Lemon Ginger - 250 ml can

#2072473 - Chardonnay Clementine Orange - 250 ml can

Introducing the first wine-based premium seltzer! The only seltzer featuring varietal wine with four refreshing flavors. Decoy Premium Seltzers appeals to the burgeoning health conscious and low-calorie consumer. 80 calories, zero added sugar and gluten free.

Far Niente

#7638053 - Chardonnay Estate 2018 -  750 ml bottle

Far Niente prospered until the onset of Prohibition in 1919. The gates closed, but the magic never truly disappeared from the property. Sixty years later, Gil and Beth Nickel bought and restored the winery and neighboring vineyard. This three-year-long labor of love put the label back on the map — and on the National Register of Historic Places. He preserved the Far Niente name — an Italian phrase which romantically translated means ‘without a care.’ Nickel hoped to recapture a bygone era when life was indeed without a care.

Featured Picks

19 Crimes

#1123640 - Cali Rose - 750 ml bottle

Snoop Cali Rose has a bright pink hue color. Ripe strawberry notes
along with delicate floral, rose petal aromas. Fruit-forward notes of fresh raspberry, strawberry and red cherry. Pleasant
mouth-feel with balanced
acidity and sweetness.

Deep Eddy

#3911740 - Lime - 750 ml bottle 

Deep Eddy Lime Vodka is made with real lime juice, our award-winning Deep Eddy Original Vodka, and lightly sweetened with real cane sugar. It is the perfect addition to the flavor lineup and while it mixes well with soda water, you should try one of our cocktail recipes!

Brooklyn Gin & Soda

#0043560 - Cucumber Lime - 355 ml can

#0043660 - Hibiscus Pear - 355 ml can

#0043760 - Lavender Lemon - 355 ml can

#0043860 - Lime & Soda - 355 ml can

A cocktail is only as good as its ingredients. We believe that canned cocktails can be great tasting and that people will pay a little extra for well-made, higher quality products that taste better. Using Brooklyn Gin, a squeeze of fruit juice, and topped off with crisp sparkling water - you get a cocktail just like
your favorite bartender would make.