Dry-er January!

Goodbye 2020 and Hello 2021! Looking to start the new year off  differently? Check out these low-abv, cbd and non-alc options. Below are also some of our January featured brands of the month.


Plume & Petal

#1430940 - Cucumber Splash - 750 ml bottle

#1431240 - Lemon Drift - 750 ml bottle

#1431340 - Peach Wave - 750 ml bottle

Plume & Petal is a premium, mid-proof vodka infused with delicate, natural flavors and just a hint of honey. Bonus, it’s 30% fewer calories than a glass of white wine*. Perfect poolside, at brunch, or for evening with friends, enjoy Plume & Petal as a refreshing spritz with club soda, an easy punch, or even easier, on ice.

Pomp & Whimsy

#1589040 -  750 mL bottle

Pomp & Whimsy brings modern sensibilities to the tradition of gin making by infusing classically distilled gin with a delightfully flavorful botanical liqueur. Twice infused and re-distilled with a select blend of 16 natural and whole botanicals, including juniper, coriander, grapefruit, orange, lychee, cucumber and jasmine pearls.

Cupcake LightHearted

#4331340 -  Chardonnay - 750 ml bottle

#4332140 - Pinot Grigio - 750 ml bottle

#4333340 - Pinot Noir - 750 ml bottle

#4334340 - Rose - 750 ml bottle

Cupcake LightHearted has 20% less calories than leading hard seltzers,² and is vegan, gluten-free and low carb without sacrificing the rich or deep flavors of your favorite traditional wine. Its lower alcohol makes it perfect for carefree summer sipping, post-workout celebrations and virtual happy hours with friends.


#1350740 - Garden -  720 ml bottle

#1350840 - Grove -  720 ml bottle

#1350940 - Spice - 720 ml bottle

Distilled non-alcoholic spirits. No artificial flavours. No sugar. Sugar free. No sweetener. What to drink when you're not drinking. Distilled non-alcoholic botanical drink bottled in England. Seedlip: The world's first distilled non-alcoholic spirits. A complex, aromatic blend of individually copper pot distilled barks, spices & citrus peels based on methods & botanicals documented in the Art of Distillation, published in London in 1651.


#0812240 - Organic Apple Pear Ginger  

                       750 ml bottle

#0812340 - Organic Grapefruit Hibiscus Chamomile  

                       750 ml bottle

#0812440 - Organic Watermelon Cucumber Lime  

                       750mL bottle

Ready for a refreshing way to cocktail? Meet new Prairie Organic Sustainable Seasons. In each of the three varieties, you’ll find fresh and unique flavors — all sustainably-crafted with our award-winning organic vodka. Just add soda water for a zero-sugar, zero-carb and low-calorie happy hour. With each sustainable sip you enjoy, you’re helping us give 1% back to organic farmers. Cheers to that!

Sweet Reason

#1481160 - Grapefruit -  375 ml bottle

#1481260 - Cucumber Mint  - 375 ml bottle

#1481360 - Strawberry Lavender - 375 ml bottle

#1481460 - Lemon Rhubarb - 375 ml bottle

Sweet Reason is a hemp and cannabis beverage company that exists to calm the minds of humankind. We are obsessed with bringing the health benefits of cannabinoids into the mainstream through beverage. Sweet Reason gets you from AM to PM with our core line of award-winning Sparkling Waters and brand new Evening Blend beverages. We believe that the health of our minds should be top of mind, which is why we donate 1% of sales to mental health initiatives.

[ yellow tail ]

#6297244 - Pinot Grigio -  750 ml bottle

This [yellow tail] Pinot Grigio is everything a great wine should be – zesty, fresh and easy to drink. Fresh and zesty, bursting with red apple, pear and passionfruit flavors.