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Vice President of Customer Service and Office Services

Rosemary Elling is Vice President of the Customer Service Department and the Office Services departments at Allied Beverage Group.     


Rosemary started her career at F & A Distributing Company in 1979 as a customer service representative. Through hard work and dedication to learning all aspects of her job, she earned the respect of her fellow employees. When Allied merged in 2001, Rosemary played an integral role in the management and development of the new customer service team. Her vast knowledge and her ability to lead her team to deliver excellent customer service have made for a successful performance history with NJ’s over 7,000 customers as well as with the sales/management teams. She was promoted to manager and then in 2004 earned the title of Director of Customer Service.

Following Rosemary’s 36th anniversary with Allied Beverage Group, LLC, in 2015, she assumed management of the Office Facilities and Services Department. Her success in managing both departments earned her the title of Vice President, Customer Service/Office Facilities and Services. Of all that she has accomplished in her long career, Rosemary is most proud that she has mentored many customer service representatives who have successfully advanced within Allied.

Rosemary attended several Hudson County education institutions where she completed courses in leadership and management skills. She attended wine classes at The Sommelier Institute broadening her knowledge within the beverage industry. She enjoys the outdoors, camping, biking but most of all spending time with family.

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