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Executive Vice President

Robert H. Harmelin was literally born into the wine and spirits business. Bobby is a third generation family member of the company that his grandfather and great uncle started in 1934 and has been employed at Allied Beverage Group or its predecessor company since 1972. As a child he worked in all phases of his family’s beverage alcohol business, beginning in the warehouse picking orders and filling stock, then later graduating to driving a delivery truck for customers in Southern New Jersey. He also assisted in the office working in both the Customer Service and Credit departments.

While attending university, Bobby worked in one of Washington DC’s premier wine shops. Already proficient in all aspects of the distribution side of the business, the retail experience allowed Bobby to learn what happened after the cases were delivered. More importantly, it provided an opportunity to interact with consumers.

In 1971 Bobby spent the summer working for Maison Sichel in Bordeaux, France. It was the experience of a lifetime, and one that convinced him to join the family business. After graduating from George Washington University with a BS in Marketing and Economics, Bobby joined The Baxter Group. His diverse experience, hands on approach and exposure to the many different roles within the organization gave him a unique insight into what it takes to run a successful distribution business. He managed sales territories, assumed purchasing responsibilities and led a sales team.

An active partner in the business, Bobby serves as Executive Vice President at Allied Beverage Group, LLC, the largest wholesale wine and spirits distributor in New Jersey and one of the top 10 distribution companies in the US.  A former Chairman of the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America, Bobby is lucky enough to love what he does and the business with which he is involved.

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