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Where's My Sangria?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Sangria knows no season, but let’s be honest, now that it’s getting a bit warmer, we are all craving a cold, refreshing and fruity glass of that good stuff! As our group discussed our favorite combinations (over a zoom call of course), we didn’t realize the deep-rooted history that this tasty sipper had. So before getting into the recipe’s, lets lay down a few fun facts.

1.) After doing a bit of research we found out that sangria most likely date back to the middle ages! Back in the day, water was very unhealthy to drink (yikes! We’ve all seen the movies) and drinking fermented beverages were just, let’s say, the healthier alternative. Since these fermented concoctions most likely weren’t as flavorful and elegant on the palate, people jazzed them up with different spices, like cinnamon!

2.) At the World’s Fair in 1964, Sangria was first served to Americans in the Spanish World Area. Apparently the 1964 World Fair that was held in NY was not really supposed to be held there, or in the US at all. According to the Rules, “a country could host only one exposition in a ten-year period (Seattle hosted the 1962 World’s Fair)”. Oops! But in doing so, they accidentally opened attendee’s eyes to a whole new slew of multiculturally driven cuisine! Ahh NY, we love ya! Some of the major vendors from other countries backed out in protest and some of the local vendors were too expensive so people flocked to these more exotic pavilions. And here they found the Spanish World Area and its delightfully surprising Sangria.

3.) The word Sangria means bloodletting in Spanish. Kind of a bummer as every time I hear the word I think of sunshine and rainbows in a glass! And since this fact wasn’t as fun, lets get to the good part…recipes!

As we mentioned before, you can do a little bit of anything to suit your palate but we here at ABG like OPTIONS! So, we are going to give you a few to try. Oh, and did we mention these recipes are for a