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Summer Drink Trends

Going into summer there are many new trends in our industry that are forming that we need to pay close attention to in order to stay a step ahead in the marketplace.  We’ve seen the craze over the summer with everyone replacing six packs of beer with “hard seltzer”, and the domination of the “spritz” being the cocktail of choice.  Let’s take a look at what other alcohol trends will be leading the way this season and during this pandemic.


During this pandemic, more than ever Ready-to-drink beverages are soaring high in sales due to readability and ease of getting a cocktail while restaurants and bars remain closed for dining in.  Ready-to-drink beverages (RTDs) are no longer the cheap, sugary stuff that we see on the lower shelves of liquor stores. The craft movement has made major headway in this category, going as far as to turn around decades-old stigmas about RTDs being low quality.

Much the opposite is true now. A huge wave of high-quality RTD cocktails has helped this category grow double digits, year over year, in recent time. As with the canned wine craze, drivers here include convenience and quality.

Keep a look out for our current and incoming RTD products for your on-premise accounts.  Consider cocktails on tap has a unique and craft approach to RTD, by offering restaurant owners a consistent, cost controlled, convenient, and trendy RTD product to offer their clientele. Any beer line can be converted to a cocktail on tap that we can consult on the process for any account interested when we re-open.

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