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SEAGLASS - Seven One-of-a-Kind Coastal Wines

SEAGLASS Wine Company gets its name from the shards of glass that are polished— over decades—into beautiful, one-of-a-kind gems by the natural ebb and flow of wind, sea and fog. Our wines encapsulate the ocean air, the sandy coastline, and the fresh acidity of cool-climate fruit along California’s Central Coast. Crafted from wind-swept vines that give us nuanced flavors in the cellar and complex notes in the glass, our wines are an unmistakable expression of California’s coastal vineyards.

Our home vineyard, “Los Alamos Vineyard” rests just 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean in Santa Barbara County, parallel to the region’s unusual east-west coastal range. The valleys carry more than wind and fog to Los Alamos. This incredibly unique vineyard—even compared to nearby vineyards—is perhaps most notable for its soil, comprised almost entirely of sand. It heats up quickly, initiating bud beak earlier than neighboring sites and affording the grapes more time to ripen before frost sets in. Extremely porous, the sand allows water to drain more rapidly, letting us curtail vine growth earlier in the season—right after berry set—which translates to smaller grape clusters with more concentrated flavor.

Food is an integral part of coastal wine culture. When we craft our wines, we’re thinking about how they’ll be shared around the dinner table. The coastal dinner table celebrates fresh food—whether it’s local greens from the farmers market or the daily fresh catch. We hope you enjoy SEAGLASS seven one-of-a-kind coastal wines with your next meal!

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