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organic, sustainable and biodynamic selections to celebrate Earth Day all month.. and every month!

April is all about focusing on our planet with it being Earth Day on the 22nd. However, everyday should be about focusing on ways to better our planet and environment! Even if it is little things like making your next meal plant based or making an effort to recycle, everything we do revolves around the Earth, and little by little we can help make our planet a cleaner place! Here are some sustainable, biodynamic, and organic brands to consider not only during April’s lovely Earth Month, but every month!

Living Coral Sparkling Rosé is not just a wine with a cause, it is a wine that exists because of a cause. Living Coral aims to educate wine lovers about our oceans coral reefs and to bring awareness to the threats these reefs are facing. Every bottle sold helps save the coral reefs! No ocean nearby required to enjoy this wine and support the cause. No matter where you live you can sip on this fruity wine and save the coral reefs one glass at a time!

Ocean Organic Vodka is a premium vodka with a little more spirit consisting of celebrating our oceans! Our oceans are beautiful bodies of water, and the bottle itself represents that. The mission of Ocean Organic Vodka is to use the best ingredients available which comes from the nurtured Earth of the Hawaiian paradise and is made with deep ocean mineral water off the Kona coast of the Big Island. Talk about some Island dreaming and plenty of nature in your cocktail!

Montinore Estates is Organic and Biodynamic.. what our Earth loves! Biodynamic wines mean they have the highest standards for ethical and sustainable farming, resulting in one of the smallest carbon footprints of any agricultural practice. Montinore Estate has been putting our environment first by practicing Biodynamic viticulture since the early 2000s. Their goal is to produce wines that reflect the purest character and personality of their vines and estate, while protecting the integrity of their farm. So next time you see yourself at a liquor store, try one of Montinore’s biodynamic and organic wines and support our Earth!

Tres Agaves is all about embracing the simple life with all-natural and organic ingredients that go into their tequilas! It is made with 100% blue agave and happens to be gluten free too! Not only is their tequila organic, but so are their cocktail mixes. So whatever mood you’re in whether it’s a Reposado on the rocks or a Strawberry Margarita, you know what you’re drinking when sipping on Tres Agaves!

Benziger Winery is about three things: family, great wines and healthy vineyards.. I think we can all understand that! Their wines are “grown green” which means they use Biodynamic, organic, and sustainable methods of making. As you can see, caring for the land is super important, and an added perk is that they use cute little farm animals to support their method of wine making! Next time you have some wine, go “green” with Benziger!

Prairie Organic Spirits are crafted directly from farm to bottle and made it their mission to keep their products free of harmful chemicals, gluten, and GMOs! Every sip of their Gin and Vodka which is made using organic corn and nutrient-rich soil counts towards Prairie’s cause to support the Spirit of Change Fund. Prairie donates 1% of their sales to help make a better future for our land and our farmers. Look at that, helping our planet can be as easy as enjoying a Prairie cocktail!

As you can see, there are many organic, sustainable and biodynamic options out there to choose from. Even if it’s small.. lets try to do the best we can to support our fabulous Earth! Cheers!

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