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Get Ready For Warmer Weather With New Sutter Home Tea & Lemonade Wine Cocktails!

Thirst-quenching and refreshing, Sutter Home Tea and Lemonade wine cocktails are a collection of deliciously sweet white wines blended with real black tea, homestyle lemonade and natural peach flavors. Sutter Home is the first wine brand to introduce wine-based teas and lemonade in traditional wine packaging, targeting younger, multicultural Zillennial consumers who are seeking out new and innovative products across a mix of alc bev categories.

The charming, southern-inspired label designs deliver the nostalgia of homestyle teas and lemonade through tasteful packaging that features a textured, white-washed wood background with beautifully detailed metallic gold filigree, eye-catching flavor imagery and bold color cues. All three flavors (Sweet Tea, Lemonade and Peach Tea) are offered in easy-to-open screwcap closures and available in three convenient sizes; 187mL single-serve four packs, traditional 750mL and 1.5L large formats. At almost half the alcohol percentage of traditional varietal wines, these are the perfect “porch sippers” for a warm afternoon or sessionable entertaining with family and friends. Simply twist off the top, pour over ice and enjoy a sip of summer! From our home to yours.

Sweet Tea: Smooth, natural tea flavors are mixed with sweet white wine to create this Southern-inspired beverage. With a hint of lemon, our Sweet Tea wine cocktail offers a bright, refreshing accompaniment perfect for a warm afternoon. Pairs well with front-porch happy hours, BBQ sliders and homemade potato salad.

Lemonade: Beautiful aromas of real lemon complement the balance of sweet and tart lemonade flavors for the perfect summertime refreshment. Taste sunshine in a bottle with our homestyle Lemonade wine cocktail that is sure to brighten up any day. Pairs well with a hot summer day, poolside hangouts and cold summer salads.

Peach Tea: Flavors of juicy, fresh-picked peaches pair perfectly with the herbal notes from natural black tea. A smooth, refreshing finish and sweet, fruity peach flavors are sure to bring a smile to your face. Pairs well with summer pizza parties, salty snacks, and fresh fruit salad.

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