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FIELD NOTES - Vol. 1. - Gettin ' our Green On

When April, any April, rolls around, I think in green. Green grass emerging from the snow, yes. Green seedlings sprouting on my windowsill to be transplanted to my tiny Jersey garden in May, sure. Green actions for Earth Day; I’m game for that. But let’s be real; I’m an eater and a drinker and as the weather just begins to warm after this particularly long winter hibernation, I’m thinking about eating the kinds of things that remind me that things are FINALLY about to start growing again out there: green peas, spring onions, fresh broccoli and basil and herbs…in one dish: Risotto Verde.

So as I warmed a little dish of Spring green-things-n-rice on the stove the other night, and as I needed something to pair all those fresh green grassy herby flavors with, I reached for a bottle of Lail Blueprint Sauvignon Blanc.

Famed winemaker Philippe Melka seems to need no introduction when it comes to talking Napa Cabs, but fewer seem to know that the guy has a pretty incredible touch with Sauvignon Blanc. In crafting this one for proprietor Robin Lail and daughters, he takes what can be an uber-tart grape and tames it with this hint of bright creaminess, resulting in something that’s a little less grapefruit-and-grass bomb and a lot more honeydew melon, fresh herb salad and tangerine zing. Nothing goes better with a dish that features a host of green veg and is finished with creamy parmesan.

Also appropriate to note, I think, is proprietor Robin Lail’s commitment to “greenness” on an environmental responsibility level. In 2019 Robin was made a US Representative to Porto Protocol, a global organization that asks companies to demonstrate leadership in climate action. Her Blueprint wines celebrate those pioneers and architects of innovation who, like herself, put the health and sustainability of our planet ahead of, well, the greenbacks. (Bordering on punny now with the green stuff? Ok, I’ll stop. Gotta go finish this glass of Blueprint anyway.)

L A I L V I N E Y A R D S S A U V I G N O N B L A N C B L U E P R I N T 2 0 1 9

W I N E A D V O C A T E 9 0 P O I N T S W I N E E N T H U S I A S T 9 4 P O I N T S

FieldNotes - Vol. 1
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