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Do You Know About Merlot?

November 7th is National Merlot Day and we're uncorking a few fun facts about the variety!

Merlot is one of the worlds most popular variety of wine. This soft, ripe and elegant variety only falls second to the largest fan favorite, Cabernet Sauvignon. The word stemmed from the French word "merle" which means blackbird, another super fan of the grape. What is the best part, you might ask? The variety is really so versatile, there is something for everyone. And we are here to point you in the right direction!

What does Merlot actually taste like?

Well this is actually a pretty loaded question. Wine varieties grown all over the globe, develops certain characteristics based on the terroir or flavors based on soil, climate and topography. Most often you will find this variety to be a dry, medium to full bodied wine with medium acidity. Depending on where it is grown the taste can range from herbs and dark berry and plum fruits to cocoa and notes of clove, vanilla and cedar which are imparted by, by oak barrels.

What is the ideal temperature to serve merlot?

Like all red wines, there is an ideal temperature range for storing and drinking merlot. Wine continues i