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Ana Diogo-Draper: Director of Winemaking, Artesa Vineyards and Winery

Artesa’s winemaking team is led by Ana Diogo-Draper, Director of Winemaking. Born and raised in Portugal, Diogo-Draper moved to California in 2005 to join the team at Rutherford Hill Winery. In the course of her eight-year tenure she was promoted from harvest intern to Lab Manager, and finally, Assistant Winemaker. She joined Artesa Vineyards & Winery in 2013 and was promoted to Director of Winemaking in 2015. Known for her collaborative approach, Diogo-Draper thrives in the fast-paced winery environment and excels at a wide diversity of roles from laboratory analysis and quality control assurance to creative applications such as sensory analysis and blending. Diogo-Draper credits her professional success to a passion for agriculture and winemaking, nurtured from a young age in Portugal when she first planted vines with family and neighbors immersed in the European tradition of wine appreciation. Diogo-Draper holds a B.A. in Agriculture Engineering from the University of Évora, situated in the middle of Portugal’s historic cork industry. Fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French, Diogo-Draper brings an international perspective to the Artesa winemaking team.

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