• Allied Beverage Group

A Visit to Provence

written by Michael McNellis

Lavender and wild herbs sprawling over sandy hills at your back. The mid-day sun reflects off the crystal clear, sapphire hued sea. A salty breeze graces your face, and the copper-tinted pink wine appears everlasting in your glass. Where else could you be, other than Provence?

For those that have been to this area of the world; one sniff of a Provence Rosé will bring you

right back. Last year a group from ABG was graciously hosted by Domaine Sainte Marie and Domaine de la Sanglière; producers of some of the finest wines in Côtes de Provence.

Visiting these wineries and soaking in the culture of France’s Mediterranean makes you understand the context of Rosè. You are exposed to a wide range of food pairing capabilities, and a new level of relaxation tha