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Wine & Sparkling

barton guestier.png

Barton & Guestier

#6647340 - Sauvignon Blanc

#6647440 - Bordeaux Red

#6647540 - Bordeaux White

750 ml bottles

The Barton & Guestier range represents the wonderful diversity of French wines from the main winegrowing regions: Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Rhône Valley, Languedoc, Gascony and Corsica. With its wide variety of wines, Barton & Guestier enables wine lovers - from the occasional wine drinker to the connaisseur - to make a journey through France. The B&G winemakers team guarantees constant quality and style, vintage after vintage.

channing daughters.png

Channing Daughters

#1228540 - Cabernet Franc 2019

#1228240 - Chardonnay Scutthole 2019

#1228340 - Hearts Artist Series White 2019

#1228440 - Rosato Cabernet Franc 2020

#1228140 - Sauv Blanc Mudd Vineyard 2019

750 ml bottles

Atlantic breezes cool our vineyards creating a climate hospitable to a wide array of fascinating grape varieties. At Channing Daughters we grow and create wines from over two dozen varieties. Our foremost commitment at Channing Daughters Winery is the care of our grapevines and the quality of wine in the bottle. Our priorities are deliciousness and reflection of our place!

Cotarella Sodale.png

Cortarella Sodale


Merlot Lazio 2018

750 ml bottle

The color is intense red with purple reflections. The smell comes with notes of red fruit and sweet spices that blend in a perfect balance with vanilla wood notes. The taste is round, harmonious, pleasant with endurance of good persistence and with sweet tannins.

Cotarella Montiano.png

Cotarella Montiano


Merlot Lazio 2017

750 ml bottles

Miguel Torres Chile offers a range of limited production, character-driven wines from 9 different valleys spread 930 miles across Chile. Miguel Torres Chile’s expertise and experience led them to exceptional and varied terroirs which they matched with specific varieties, highlighting the unique personality of each grape, and showcasing the natural diversity of Chilean viticulture and winemaking.

Cotarella Vitiano.png

Cotarella Vitiano

#9520140 - Umbria Bianco 2020

#9520040 - Umbria Rosso 2018

750 ml bottles

In constant relationship between giving and taking, Falesco takes care of its land to achieve the best, and the best is what it gives back to the land. Every root brings new fruit and, thanks to the passion of those who work on it, ever new roots are born.

Cotarella Le Macioche .png

Cotarella Le Macioche

#9520440 -  Brunello Di Montalcino 2015

#9520540 - Brunello Di Montalcino Riserva 2016

750 ml bottles

The taste releases an evolution for the presence of elegant, silky and rich tannins. Clean, deep and sapid with a long lasting finishing. Unique and recognizable for tone and frankness.

hess collection.png

Hess Collection


Iron Corral Cabernet Sauvignon

750 ml bottle

Named after our recently acquired Iron Corral Vineyard, the Iron Corral Cabernet Sauvignon is the newest addition to our Hess estate wines. A beautiful balance of Mountain and Valley Floor Estates, this wine is complex yet elegant, crafted to enjoy now, yet has the capability to age gracefully and be enjoyed for years to come.




 Pinot Noir Willamette 2019

750 ml bottle

Beautiful cherry color and transparency. The nose is very floral, with notes of cherry, figs, and sapwood. On the mouth, the wine is powerful, full of the bright flavors of ripe red fruit and black cherry with some minerality. The wine finishes with a touch of acidity and citrus.

round pond.png

Round Pond Esate


Rosato de Nebbiolo 2020

750 ml bottles

With a beautifully rich hue from the addition of Sangiovese, this wine pops from the glass with uplifting aromatics of ripe watermelon, red cherry, and rose petal. The entry is intriguing with fresh peach, rhubarb, and bing cherry. Showing bright acidity with a soft mouthfeel and refreshing finish, this wine is sure to delight.

Scholoss Vollrad.png

Schloss Vollrads



750 ml bottles

The distinctive flavour of the Schloss Vollrads Riesling wines can be attributed to our unique terroir: In the Rheingau, six different geological formations form layers of one structure which provides the vine roots with a variety of minerals.




Chardonnay Vineburg 2018

750 ml bottle

A full-bodied, complex Chardonnay. Aromas and flavors of crisp yellow apple, white nectarine, apricot, underripe pineapple, and a hint of graham cracker. Balanced acidity and a creamy mouthfeel are followed by a clean, minerally finish.


port charlottte.png



the Port Charlotte PAC:01 2011

750 ml bottle

Introducing the newest Cask Exploration edition of our heavily peated Islay single malt, the Port Charlotte PAC:01 2011 demonstrates the versatility of our soft, barbeque smokey Scotch in the highest quality French oak casks. Two parcels of Scottish barley distilled spirit have matured for a minimum of six years in ex-Amerian oak casks before being transferred to red wine casks from the Gironde left bank, north of Bordeaux. Bottled at 56.1% abv, this spirit showcases stunning spice and fruit notes. It is a rich and elegant, undeniably Islay single malt.





750 ml bottle 

CÎROC™ Ultra-Premium is smooth, slightly sweet, medium-bodied and characterized by a crisp, clean finish. Discover more about the portfolio of masterfully infused Flavors.

calirosa (1).png


#1549040 - Blanco

#1549140 - Anejo

750 ml bottles

Our Rosa Blanco is aged in California red-wine barrels for 30 days, a process that allows for our unique aromas of strawberry, raspberry and honey. The flavor is agave forward with orange, cherry, and dark berry notes. Our Añejo is aged for eighteen months in California red-wine Barrels. Our process develops unique vanilla, caramel, nutmeg and chocolate notes. The flavor is well-rounded with notes of toffee and cinnamon.

great jones.png

Great Jones

Introducing Great Jones Straight Bourbon, born from a desire to embody the best that New York has to offer. We use 100% New York ingredients — grown, distilled, and aged in the Empire State. We built our home at 686 Broadway — Manhattan’s first legal whiskey distillery since Prohibition. We’re committed to helping the greatest city in the world rise once again.

irish man.png

The Irishman

#2744740 - 17 Year Old

#2744840 - Founders Sherry Finish

750 ml bottles

The Irishman. Premium Irish Whiskey. Exceptional character. Championing Irish Single Malt. The recreation of age-old recipes to create unrivalled expressions. For a new generation of whiskey enthusiasts.


Perla Dry


Maraschino Luxardo Riserva Speciale

750 ml bottle 

2021 is a very important date for Luxardo as it marks our 200th Anniversary. To celebrate the gratifying milestone of two centuries of history, the company is now putting back on the market, in a strictly limited edition, the most prestigious product in its range, Maraschino Perla Dry. This Maraschino Luxardo Riserva Speciale was last produced in the distant 1970s. Maraschino Perla Dry has a high alcohol content (40% alc./vol.), a considerably reduced sugar content (hence the term“dry”), and a marasca cherry distillate base more than 50 years old.

the glenvievet.png

The Glenlivet


Single Cask Edition 16YO American Oak

750 ml bottle

Continuing its tradition of crafting definitive Speyside Single Malts, The Glenlivet is proud to present American Oak Cask #7137—a cask strength, non chill filtered Scotch whisky aged for 16 years. There are only 180 bottles available of this New Jersey exclusive blend.

gran agave.png

Gran Agave



750 ml bottle 

Gran Agave Reposado, has the perfect combination of agave and barrel. Matured in American oak for 6 months, its age gives it a hint of wood flavor. It has notes of cooked agave, wood and spices. Ideal to be enjoy neat or in a cocktail.


bartenders co.png

Bartenders Trading Co.



750 ml bottle 

Bartenders Paloma combines the intensity of Blanco Tequila made from Blue Weber agave with the citrus sweetness of grapefruit and a hint of lime.