Gautier Cognac

750 mL  bottle  |  #4050340

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At Maison GAUTIER, our mission every day is to create the most generous Cognac ever for today’s Cognac enthusiasts and explorers. A Cognac that stands out for its distinctive roundness, mellowness, finesse, aromatic richness and harmony, which together deliver a real moment of self-indulgence. A Cognac with a unique signature, which is a reflection of us.


GAUTIER XO is a powerful blend of old eaux-de-vie, some of which come from or "Paradise Cellar" where the oldest and most precious Cognac eaux-de-vie are kept. Generous in the mouth, it offers a splendid and persistent length on the palate, which is so characteristic of old Cognacs. A golden amber colour. A rich and harmonious blend of old eaux-de-vie, combining intense aromas of candied fruits, cinnamon and toasted bread, with subtle floral notes. Generous and smooth in the mouth, it offers a beautiful length on the palate.