Dos Primos

750 mL  bottle  |  #2203840



Inspired by family, friends and their love of the outdoors, cousins Thomas Rhett and Jeff Worn sought to create a great-tasting tequila that could be enjoyed year-round and shared with people they love – regardless of the season or activity. In 2019 they founded the Dos Primos Tequila Company, which produces Dos Primos Tequila. Spanish for “Two Cousins,” Dos Primos is made from hand-harvested 100% pure agave sourced from estates in Los Altos and the valley area of Jalisco, Mexico.


A premium Blanco made with 100% pure agave, estate-grown and hand-cut in the heart of tequila country. Our smooth sippin’ Blanco blends agave from Los Altos and the valley area of Jalisco to create an undeniably pure, earthy flavor. Like a summer day at the lake, Dos Primos Blanco reminds you of good times spent with those who know you best. Sip it straight or mix into your favorite cocktail.