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Executive Chairman

Following a brief career in the legal field, Jeffrey joined F&A Distributing Company in 1978 as its Chief Financial Officer.  Over the years he assumed ever increasing positions of responsibility, culminating in his becoming President in 1990. In 1996 F&A merged with The Baxter Group forming Allied Beverage Group, LLC, NJ's largest Wine & Spirits Distributor. Jeffrey has held the position of President-CEO since its inception. In 2000 The Jaydor Corp was successfully merged into Allied Beverage Group creating one of the Nation’s largest distributors. 

Throughout his long career Jeffrey has been recognized as an industry expert in sales, finance and distribution management.  


In addition to his role at Allied Beverage Group, Jeffrey serves as a member on various academic and charitable boards. He also served on the transition team for the past two Governors of NJ concentrating on economic development. 


Jeffrey and his wife Lynn reside in Summit, NJ. They have 3 adult daughters. 

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