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Bronstein, Corey 1.jpg

Senior Vice President

& General Manager

Corey A. Bronstein is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Allied Beverage Group, New Jersey’s premier distributor of wine and spirits and one of the top 10 distribution companies in the US. Corey leads the sales, marketing and management force of over 400 people. The entire company is comprised of 750 individuals.

Dedicated to expanding both brand image and product distribution, Corey has held various marketing and sales roles in his 30 plus years in the beverage alcohol industry.  Corey began his career as a Marketing Analyst with Seagram Distillers. He later transitioned into a managerial role in sales and marketing, and eventually earned a prestigious international position overseeing Seagram’s distribution in Hong Kong and China for a year in the early 2000’s.

After leaving Seagram Distillers, Corey brought his talents to Diageo and held various senior positions in their sales and marketing departments through the Mid-Atlantic States.

In 2004, Corey joined Allied Beverage Group, LLC as the General Manager of their J/D Division, which was effectively the Diageo-centric division. His experience as both a supplier and distributor, plus his ability to assess and respond to changing market conditions enables him to continuously drive growth in both sales and distribution for Allied Beverage Group and its supplier partners. In 2007, he was appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager of Allied Beverage Group.  He reports to the CEO Jeffrey Altschuler.

Corey has a BA from the University of Connecticut and lives in north New Jersey with his wife Karen and their 4 children.

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