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To Be or Not to Be...Online
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You may be wondering if an eCommerce platform is necessary these day's. The short and sweet answer is "yes". If you aren't present online, your customers may be moving on. We want to share 3 reasons why you should consider creating an online platform.

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Make $$$ Online

Creating an online store will definitely open up a whole new opportunity to make money. You're now giving your customers the tools to interact with you in more ways than one. And given the fact that we all spend way too much time on our phones these days (yes, we know you get the screen time notifications too) this platform will allow people to see and shop from the convenience of their couch. Check out these staggering stats from

"Seniors, Baby Boomers, and Gen X are ‘adding to cart,’ as well. 56% of Gen X prefer to search and purchase on eCommerce sites rather than in-store; 41% of baby boomers and even 28% of seniors prefer online to offline shopping."

Making It Easy for the Consumer

Not only will it be easy for consumers to shop, you are allowing your customers to check necessary information about your stores too! If people do want to venture out, they can easily check to see hours of operation, your address, phone number, promotions, etc!

Increase Brand Awareness

Branding is everything these days and the more people see you on various platforms the more confident they feel when shopping at your store or website. And think about it, the more people who see you and ultimately have an experience with you the more people will share your site (or post). This will absolutely drive brand awareness and sales!

Have we convinced you?

Below you will see one option for on premise accounts and another option for off premise accounts.

  • Designed specifically for the restaurant industry.

  • Until now, Bentobox reserved their eCommerce platform for their website clients, but given the climate, they are offering the platform to anyone that has an existing website.

  • Pricing is $98/month and includes set-up of eCommerce site and gift card ordering. No Contract, Cancel Anytime.

  • Set-up time is 3-4 Days

  • Designed Specifically for Liquor Stores

  • Already has thousands of Product images and Descriptions in their Database

  • Can connect with POS System to obtain inventory levels

  • Option to build a website or a mobile app

  • Pricing is $350/Month with a  1-Year contract – No Set-up Fees

  • Set-up time is 1 week to build a website, 2 Weeks to build a Mobile App

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