During these unprecedented times we are all facing, Allied Beverage is committed to giving you an alternative method to pay your invoices without writing a check to mail or to give to your salesperson or delivery driver.


ACH Payments (Automated Clearing House) provides you the opportunity to pay your invoices directly from your bank to our bank without mailing anything and  still practicing social distancing.


Below are the bullet points that make the ACH method of payment attractive. We encourage you to speak to your bank about setting up this alternative payment method.


I have attached the ACH form that has the information needed to give to your banking institution.


All remittance information needs to be sent to at the time that the customer executes the ACH payment. This is very important.



Benefits to ACH


  • No lost mail. Transaction is your bank to our bank.


  • Ease of your invoices when you want to pay. This is not an automatic payment. Customer initiates the date of payment.


  • No charge to our customers from Allied Beverage.  Customer’s bank  will charge a small fee per transaction (may be just slightly higher than a stamp).


  • Remittance is emailed by you, the customer,  to a secured Allied email address and posted to their account as soon as the bank posts the ACH to our bank account.


  • No individual handling of checks by you, drivers, or Allied Credit employees.